Thomas Nickerson Custom Woodworking & Design

 How soon can you give me an estimate?
 24-48 hours.
I would like to see a project, similar to what I want, that has already been installed. Is it possible? 
-Yes, we can arrange that
.We want to paint our cabinets ourselves. 
-We can provide unfinished cabinets
.What is a completion time for an average project?
​- 4-6 weeks

3 Simple Steps

1. Call us at 302-670-8296 or 302-381-6339 or send an e-mail to to schedule an in home interview and free estimate.
To start, we need any info on the project you have: drawings, web-site links, pictures and etc. you can also use to share your ideas with us at:

 2. We will come to your house to take all the measurements and pictures and produce a custom design for you.

 3. Upon agreement on the design, we will prepare an estimate that fits your budget. When you are ready to move forward, please send a deposit along with a signed contract. *Please note that field measurements are necessary before production can begin.