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Every space is different. Every project has its unique reason for existing.

We might produce  several ideas before arriving at the perfect one for our client. It's a necessary part of the creative and custom process, and one that we take very seriously.

Maggie Nickerson, Lead Designer


 I thoroughly enjoy working alongside my clients. While I'm very detail oriented and committed to my work, I also believe design should not be taken TOO seriously. Some of my favorite rooms have a great sense of humor! 

I love to mix in vintage pieces, I  am not afraid of color, any room can look great with the proper lighting!  and am passionate about original design. I'm ALWAYS looking for the new look!

But most importantly, I believe that great design simply works for the person who lives with it. It should be fun, comfortable, functional, and personal. I love the challenge of doing all these things in a fresh way with each individual project.